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Duh......yep you're right, excellent suggestion, thank you so much for taking the time to get back to me so quickly, I LOVEEEEEEEEE CAKE CENTRAL!!
Hi fellow bakers, I made some chocolate chip cookie dough and distractedly added and extra cup of sugar, any suggestions on how to save this tragedy, so far I added an additional cup of flour but the dough just melts away in the oven (350 degrees).
HI fellow bakers, I am hoping someone would be able to assist me with what can be added to my cookie dough so that they will have a longer shelf life once they have been packaged and sealed, for retail sales. and where I might find the additive. It is also important to note that I live in a tropical climate should this impact your advice or suggestions.
Candylady, thanks alot, I think that I will caramelize by boiling the can, is that what you do and when its made in advance would it be okay to warm the caramel and dip or would it need to be thinned a bit with milk?
mrsc808, I wanted the caramel to cover apples.
Thanks for taking the time Kandy4283!
Help, I have a function in a week to provide caramel and candied apples, can anyone recommend the pricing on these items and how far in advance can i make these?Thanks!
WOW, after reading the various posts I decided to try boiling a can of condensed milk and it worked perfectly!!!!!Hats off to you my fellow members.Now, to dip apples, would I just warm the caramel to get the right consistently for the dipping and how do I get them hard enough for wrapping? Desperate in the Bahamas!sweettooth59
Hi Snow Bird, I live in the Bahamas and use it all the time without a hitch, your winter!!
Hi guys, Greetings from the Bahamas, I may not contribute or respond a others do but do enjoy being apart of the forum. I need help, can someone suggest what color combination would produce the clor blue that is used by the jewellery company "Tiffaney' urgently needs some suggestions.Thanks,Sharlaine
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