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 Lol, I think that answers that then, thanks!
Ah, that might be the case with volume. I weigh everything since that's what I grew up doing and swop the weight of cocoa for the same weight of flour and that works for me.
I live in the UK so have always been a scratch baker. I made a box once as an experiment and added Angel Delight (pudding?) to half of it. Both halves turned out “perfectly fine” and edible but just tasted like a UK shop bought pre packaged cake. I was reading through the scratch/box cake thread on here and someone said they made WASC and their family knew it was based on a box mix from the taste. I had been tempted to make a WASC but now I’m wondering... For those who...
If the cake wasn't a traditional sugary cake the potato might work... a one year old doesn't know, that what we know as frosting by looking at it, should taste sweet and sugary. If it was maybe chopped bacon and chopped up veg held together with maybe more mashed potato it might actually taste nice and the child wouldn't know that's not how cake tastes if they've never had it before...Guess it depends on if you are happy to give them some sugar!
Could you replace the cocoa with flour and add some extra vanilla (or vanilla bean paste)? I've only ever tried it with the Chocolate Depression cake (although made it lemon) and it worked nicely for that but dont know if it's a universally usable swop!
Hopefully others will advise better but I have never heard of keeping rich fruit cakes in cling film – wrapped in greaseproof paper/baking parchment and then wrapped in tinfoil is the way I have always seen it done. I don’t know if there is a specific reason clingfilm is a bad idea but I’d suggest the paper and then foil if at all possible. Although there is alcohol in the cakes I think the discussions above about feeding the cake would still help it, especially since the...
Just make sure the bottle tops (and bottoms) are flat - some of the small wine and pink champagne bottles I have seen have curved tops so the top cake wouldnt have somewhere flat to rest on.
Yes, definately. It is normal to have marzipan underneath. A recent high profile royal icing covered cake was William and Kate's royal wedding cake
Instead of pointing out faults of others' cakes (for among many, the reasons discussed previously) you can point out the positives of your cakes the others don't/may not have using phtographs of your own cakes - eg, "Look at the lovely smooth buttercream", "Look how the sides of the cake are even and smooth with no bumps or bulges", the "... the vibriant colours", "...the realistic flowers" etc
I have fairly limited experience of gluten free baking but if the flour mix already has the gum it I think it shouldn't require more.   I have used vinegar a few times in cake and it does work! It's to make acidity level right and get the baking soda to work like buttermilk normally would. I have just used normal white vinegar and by the time the cake is cooked there is no way of knowing what's in it.   I have done the Wacky Chocolate cake or Depression cake...
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