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good to know. I always liked Mccalls but i have found i can't always find what I need there anymore.
No I used lemon juice, never thought of lemon extract! I was making cookies for my sons kindergarten class and I wasn't sure if I should use the vodka!
I use the wilton colors as well but i mix mine with vodka and have not had a problem. I've also used lemon juice and it mixes well. sometimes I have undissolved specks but I just assumed I didn't mix well enough or sometimes the gel colors seem to dry out. I thought maybe if they are older, they don't seems as gel like and don't dissolve as well.
I used to believe shortening was shortening until I took the Wilton class ...the instructor told us to read the ingredient list . The crisco had a lot less "weird " ingredients than the cheaper stuff ( can't give any examples though ) but I only buy crisco now.But I don't remember it acting different when I used it.
I often do this and don't find them any different.
I don't know, i don't think its cheating, I like the taste of fondant on a cookie. I usually make my own and I love the smell of fondant. I like it when I'm short on time and don't want to wait for royal to dry and sometimes its great for extra details you can't get from royal.
Yes!I usually use a homemade fondant ( wiltons recipe) or MMF and use royal over top. I use the wilton royal recipe and have never had a problem. Works with the royal flooding and fondant decorations on top as well.I did try a rolled buttercream and found when i packaged my cookies it seemed to make the cello bags look greasy. But I don't think it affected the royal.
Happy Birthday!I usually bake my own and try out something(s) i've been wanting to try!But the last few years my daughter, she's 10, has a sleep over @ my moms and they make me one to.I've had a doll, a ladybug and a sunhat ( all in my photos) and she has done an awesome job!Even my family gets multiple cakes depending on what day of the week their birthday falls, and how much time I have! on the day, one when family comes and usually a kids party one!
I really like mine too. I agree with the above poster and her tips. I just used mine the other day while I was baking a new cake recipe so I could try out a few my self, The cake was for a friend and I didn't think she'd want to receive it missing a slice !!!Some batters work better than others so I only fill a few holes and give it a test run so I can adjust how much batter or how well they rise then bake the rest accordingly.
This one?'m curious to. I have the babycakes cakepop maker and I love it.
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