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I'm from Cleveland, MS.... and it is hot here. I have never tried the coffee creamers. Sounds great!!!! Can't wait to try it out!!
I have a recipe that I'd like to share, but first let me say I NEVER do this! I am always in such awe of you bakers, that I normally ask for recipes and never post my own. My sister loves Red Velvet cake, and I have tried scratch and doctored mixes and always the cake is just TOO DRY! I decided to play 2 days ago., and this is what I came up with. My daughter says it tastes just like Red Velvet, and I say it tastes like a cross of German Chocolate and Red Velvet?? ...
Bless your heart!!! You've tried so hard to help me! Thank you, so much...and when I make the chocoflan, I will surely post the results! Hope mine turns out as well as yours!!! And... the picture of yours looks pretty much like the one I had.
Thank you, I may give it a try!!
HA!! HA!!! It sounds like you did a GREAT job!! I hope to make mine soon!!
[quote="Spuddysmom"]Josefina - Thank you for the interesting additional comments! I picked up some cajeta and didn't know what to do with it and my spanish is not good enough to understand some of the recipes on the spanish part of this site. Your comments made me appreciate the diversity of CC. When you see some of the amazing cakes there are posted here from around the world - the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia, etc., it helps a person appreciate this...
Thank you josefina20 !I appreciate you taking the time and effort to give me some instructions. I am definately going to try these out!!I don't know how to make a cheesecake unless it's using the water bath! I hate it as well.. However, I make a cheesecake "pie" that is to DIE for!!! If you ever want the recipe, just holler!!!
Thank you " josefina20" I appreciate the title of this recipe I am looking for! I will Google it right away!!! I will send you a PM if it turns out!!! I also appreciate the remarks "Spuddysmom" and " PriscillaRose" ! I was once an advid poster, sharing recipes, making cakes, etc... This was the website that I went to for recipes, help, etc. I have NEVER had anyone be Ugly to me! Spuddysmom, Thank you! I am coping in ways. But to get in argument over a recipe,...
The cheesecake portion was very light and smooth. I have an idea forming that might work, and I may experiment this weekend. Thank you, carmijok, Debcent, and clairesey, for responding. Let me explain something...I once decorated cakes and posted to this website quite a bit.My husband became ill and passed away in 2010, since then I've really not had the desire to bake. That's why I said the recipe wasn't that important, and why I said I'd just like to delete it.
Well.... That's quite alright,... It's not like I'm baking cakes to sell anymore. However, I wonder why you answered at all? I know why the girl that worked at the bakery would not give it to me. I certainly didn't want this person to lose her job over a recipe. It's really not important. Could someone tell me how to just delete this post?Thanks
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