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Found it!!!!It's CS/HB 7209, not 7009.Paul
Barbara---I have looked and looked and looked and cannot find anything relating to this new bill. The link you attached states there's no such bill. Was it a mistype?Paul
But of course, we should wait until 7/1 to make the cupcake so it's really legal!!!! LOL
I can answer this for you....Since this bill combines so many different professional practices to be amended, after the House voted on the bill they first proposed (which includes "Cottage Laws"), it went to the Senate. The timeline for everything was July 1, 2011. One senator proposed an amendment to change the timeline to July 1, 2014 for Section 10. Our concern is Section 42. The senate voted and approved the amendment.The request for a conference means that since...
You need to get right up in there nice and tight with your tape. Start down slightly lower and then move the tape as far up as you can. Once you get the entire flower finished taping, you can move the petals wherever they need to sit.Sometimes, those little buggers just won't cooperate. They're the ones you either move to the back of the arrangement or lay flat on the cake!Paul
I would use rice krispie treats stacked and shaped like the pillars and then cover in royal icing followed by fondant.Paul
Very nice work....Your efforts certainly paid off with the call back!Paul
Try Microsoft's OfficeLive...We just switched this past weekend...Although they have template pages, it's a lot like working within a Word document...All the features like copy/paste, insert, changing font sizes and shading, etc. are very similar if not the same.You can check ours out at and Peter
We had ours professionally designed.
We used to have Yahoo! Sitebuilder, but I got tired of paying the monthly fees. We just switched over this weekend to Microsoft's Officelive and it is incredible. It's just like working within a Word document. Insert pictures, type text. We made changes to some of their templates. Uploading multiple pictures is just like uploading in Facebook. They even added a Contact Us page and it is really cool looking. Check it out at www.sweetguys.bizBetween moving the site...
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