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I work mostly in buttercream.  Here is what I suggest.  Frost the top and inner slice pink.  Frost the outer edge green, being careful where it connects to the pink/red.  Pipe a white border where the pink meets the green.  When it is complete, add the black details.   As far as striping the green on the can pipe with a 12 tip with the 2 different color greens, then viva method the sides.   Good luck!
I was hoping to make a topsy turvy wedding cake for my sister.  I looked on line to buy the pans in order to save me on the cutting stacking, and hoping that they will hold up better.   Can anyone advise me the best way to stack these so they can be easily transported?  Obviously in  a regular cake, there are supports in each level to hold up the next but a cake that is slanted; does there need to be an additional pole support through the whole thing?    I bake...
It depends on your recipe and how much your batter rises. Some of my tins I fill halfway and others 3/4.
I let the cookies sit 2 minutes on the cookie sheet, then take them off and cool on a cooling rack. I then put the cookies on the hot pan and bake for regular time. If doing many multiple batches, eventually the bake time can be cut down by one minute.
Go for it; my chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal well as sugar/cookie cutter cookies come out fantastic on a stone! I clean with hot water and a scrubby. It is sanitary enough as the hot water is what cleans, and the scrubby opens the pores or the clay. The Pampered Chef has more information about this, you can check their website or call their customer service.Good Luck!
"Dude needs to get a wife..."People like this don't have a wife because they are demanding and not compromising, and often verbally abusive. If he feels he can push around a baker he doesn't know, then he would for sure push around someone he does know. You should say no and so should a girlfriend.
What are her hobbies?
I used to have a customer who would have a standard order every week. She would just call and confirm at the beginning of the week. When a few weeks of back payment still didn't show up, I reminded her that it was before the holidays and I needed the money for my own use. She asked for a payment plan, which I agreed to. She then had the gall to assume that I would still bake for her every week, even while she was paying off her old debt, and was annoyed when I told her...
I mostly make cookies and I only use stoneware. I don't know about that specific brand. I use the Pampered Chef flat stones. I season them with a batch of chocolate chip cookies since they are high on the fat content. Pampered Chef stoneware does not need to be preheated. One thing to keep in mind, although they are freezer, microwave, oven safe...going from one extreme temperature to another will break the stone. In addition, soap should not be used to clean...
I only bake dairy free; what flavor are you looking for?
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