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It was outside for two hours. The cake was under a covered deck, but outside. Definitlly had it been inside, it would have been great. You live and learn. Never again...if the cakes not inside in the summer, no mas mouSSe.
I actually used pastry pride for the mouse andthen whipped in the white chocolate and the strawberry for the two flavors of mouse. I thoughtthis woukd be better because of the high temp. I do cakes with mouse allthe time and never have had an issue.I will definitly try the bettercreme with pudding mix...but thinkingif temp is over 100 degrees, any type of mouse is a bad idea.Thank youagainfor the tip!
I recently completed one of my largest cakes...6 tiers, fed over 300 people. The bride picked all the same cake, white velvet, and then mouse for the filling. I caution all my brides that in the summer, the mouse tends to melt into the cake, so I do double the filing. Well setup went great, cake looked great. ( very hot day, 100+ degrees)Heres where it gets bad. I receive a call from the bride 2 days later..the caterer refused to serve the cake because they said it was...
Why not use the marshmallow fondant recipe. Always has worked great for me and tastes good. Melt 16oz marshamallows with 1tsp water and 1tsp flavor. add 1-2lb sifted powdered sugar until fondant is to your liking. Simple. Roll with cornstarch/powdered sugar.
that is what I figured, just didnt know if there was a "special" technique . Thanks
just the lid on the cake[/img], like the one here.
I am doing a gift box wedding cake in June, and I am wondering how you do the lid. I have some theories, but any help would be appreciated. Thanks
When is it, and where, I would love to go
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