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those are so cute!! i found who sells them.'d like to find ceramic ones too!!hth
ziggytarheel- I haven't tried these so you may have to experiment, but i found these two that might work for you., the recipe is by minibean at the bottom of the page.hth and good luck
i've got the mix its says:Directions: 1 cup gum paste mix and 1 tbsp hot water. Blend 1/2 of the mix and water in a small lightly greased bowl. Stir in the balance of the mix. Mix and form into a ball. Grease lightly and wrap in plastic. Let stand 24 hours.hth
i use brown and black to get dk brown. the rose cake in my photos was made using those two, but make sure you add the black a little at a time or you just end up with black.hth
Me, me, me!!! I actually have a notepad on my side table for nights like that I also have a sketchpad that i use to sketch all the cakes i fantasize about making. So many ideas, not enough people to make them for
i know americolor and ck brand sell a super black too. therefore you can use less and hopefully avoid the aftertaste.
Oh.. my... goodness! maddie1 that is so awsome!! great job!
oh wow, how sad is that? i don't think you should give her, her deposit back because you had a contract, but maybe tell her that you will put it toward a cake in the future.good luck with this
oh good! it's not just me. I though my computer was acting up.
I always use RI for the glue, and i've never had that happen. where did you have it at? was it near moisture or heat? that could have done it or it could have just been an off batch of RI. i've kept a house for a couple years and it was still standing strong. another option if you don't plan on eating it, is use a glue gun. but make sure everyone knows it not edible
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