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Here it is and let me rephrase that it isn't my recipe, its just the recipe that i use, hehe.Loreta’s Favorite Gingerbread Dough5 cups all-purpose flour1 teaspoon salt2 teaspoons ginger2 teaspoons cinnamon1 teaspoon nutmeg1 teaspoon cloves1 cup shortening1 cup sugar1 ¼ cups molasses2 eggs, beaten In large saucepan, melt shortening on stove over low heat. While shortening is melting, in a separate bowl stir together flour, salt and spices (if using for cookies, add 1...
lottchen asked if anyone had a recipe in german so i "tried" to translate mine for her, lol. if you'd like it i can post it in english too
lottchen- here is the recipe i use. i used a computer translator so it probably isn't the greatest and i switched it into weight measurements hopefully it will work out for you. if you have any other questions about it, i do have someone who could help me translate better but she is out of town for a few days, but i can ask when she gets back. hope this helps.Lebkuchen Dough650 g Mehl20 g Salz2 Teelöffel Ingwer2 Teelöffel Zimt1 Teelöffel Muskatnuss1 Teelöffel...
when i need to color coconut i just put the coconut in a zip bag with a small amout of gel food coloring and knead it until the color is evenly distributed and i usually just start out will a small amount of color and add little by little until i reach the color i need.
why yes i am , do i get a prize if i do? now i just have to figure out how to bake the big pieces
oh and there will be a bottom i just ran out of foam board
Janetbme- oh yeah i definitely think she should charge for her patterns! I found out this weekend just how much goes into making just one! and mine is kinda basic.well here is my behemoth of a template. i think i may have bit off more than i can chew. i guess we'll see. i still need to decide on the shape of the windows and door to cut out of the front but its going to be like a doll house with different christmas scenes in each room.I'm gonna start baking this week so...
Well shoot i haven't been getting the emails saying that there was activity on this thread. Hubby and I had a kid free weekend (woo hoo) and i used it to make a template for this years house. i'll have to take a pic and post it in the morning.So glad to know that this thread is still going . I need to really get my rear in gear and or there's no way i'll get this done. as you'll see when i get the pic taken i may have gone a bit overboard on the size
you can use the no side cookie sheets too.
if you don't want to make your own from scratch i really love to use the CK brand gum paste powder mix. You just add water and form into a ball and let it sit overnight. you can get it here www.countrykitchensa.comedited to say: i guess i didn't really answer your question , but i guess for future reference you could think about using it, lol.
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