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haha parable, that is AWESOME! how creative!
wow i feel sooooooooo horrible. i did it in paper and i really should have tried it in gumpaste before i uploaded the pattern i went and tried it because someone was having problems and i really don't know if it is possible to get those squared corners and the closed back without something collapsing. especially with such a high heel (or even with a small heel for that matter) i apologize to anyone who has spent the time actually using the gumpaste. next time i'll try...
she needed a size 6, so i looked up the measurements on the net and it said it was approx. 9" in length so i went with that. i'm a size 9 so i really didn't have a model to go by, lol. so "approximately" a size 6.
here is the paper version of the shoe. i can't wait to make a gumpaste version of it. i've been wanting to make a shoe for a while but haven't had a reason, but the minute i saw this shoe i fell in love and knew i wanted to make one!hope you like it. and if you need help making a shoe. check out boonenati's shoe article the back looks like it migh need to be adjusted to come back a little. i...
sorry i didn't get it uploaded last night. we didn't get home until a lot later than i had expected.i've got a picture of the paper version and the actual template, but i've been having problems with attatching things to the posts and trying to upload pictures so i'll keep trying.
well it looks like i've come up with a pattern for it, but i've been stalling on finishing up all of the desserts i need to make for thanksgiving tomorrow so i'll have to scan it into the computer tonight or after i get home tomorrow evening because the printer is buried at the moment.
i don't think it would be too hard to make a template. how big would you need the shoe to be?
goodness how big of pieces were they feeding them! i just did a 9x13 2-layer and and it was supposed to feed approx 50 and they had leftovers! don't feel bad it definitely wasn't your fault. and i'm sure she was exaggerating about the "orange" too because she thought you had gyped her on the serving amounts.
holy moly! thats a tough one. they are both just AMAZING!!! you guys are both so talented.
here's a site that should help you out. they have house patterns that you can purchase and a few that are for free. for the gingerbread recipe i really like the Loreta’s Favorite Gingerbread Dough on there.
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