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oh no, don't get me wrong, i didn't mean the bow couldnt' be done in royal icing! i was just guessing gum paste at first glance of the cake. it would just be fragile and she'd have to make a back up to account for breakage.
wow they could be, but the chances of it breaking are incredible!
well it looks like the top two tiers are slightly carved inward and just covered in white fondant with black stripes and red balls. the ruffles between the two layers look like she may have taken a ball tool and ruffled the edge and painted the tip black and sandwiched the ruffle between the two layers.the third and forth layers look like they are filled, supported, carved and stacked and then fondanted together with white and then black stripes put on. the third looks...
i'd have to say the first one they get the special friends pricing, but after that they are going to have to pay what your cakes are worth! which is a whole heck of a lot more than $30! your cakes are awesome, and that chefs hat is too cute! its hard to do, but if you don't draw the line somewhere they'll just continue to take advantage.
oh my goodness. for your sake i hope she is shocked by the $600 price tag @$5 each, because that is way undercharging. that is going to take FOREVER to make 120 of those. all of the details are so time consuming it will take you days if not weeks to get them all made. you might want to seriously reconsider if she decided so go ahead with it and try to talk her into making a few of the dogs and making other not so time consuming toppers like dog bones or their initials....
i just made some fondant new years toppers.
thanks so much guys!!!! i'll definitely have to give those a try!
looks like it could just be the wilton brand which wouldn't surprise me. i have the fooddoodlers fine tips and i've had them for about 9 months stored on their side in a plastic storage drawer and i just used them a few weeks ago on some gumpaste and they worked just fine. you might just want to try a different brand.
i love these cookies. they aren't like normal coconut macaroons. they were more of a doughy cookie than an egg white cookie. if anyone has a recipe for something similar i would really appreciate it! from what i understand archway as gone out of business so i can no longer get my christmas time fix of these
well i finally finished what i consider the unfun part of it all. i have it all put together and ready to decorate! i've even got all the rice crispy treat "furniture" finished and ready for fondant, just no pictures of them yet.heres the house so far.
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