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sorry about that i forgot the space between the word this and the link. should be fixed now.
i actually do it all the time when i'm making figures or toppers. all of the cupcake toppers in my photos were made from this recipethis is how i make mine. i use the basic recipe of 1-16oz bag of marshmallows, 1tbsp water (i usually sub this for vanilla), and not quite a whole 2lb bag of powdered sugar. i melt my marshmallows in the microwave. while they are melting, i sift my powdered sugar into a very large, i think 8qt, stainless steal bowl. after they are...
i've never saraned my cake cardboards, but i use the kind that are waxed/white on one side and the cardboard color on the other.
you shouldn't have to spray the paper liners unless you are using a low fat recipe and i don't really see any reason to spray the pan itself unless you are overfilling you liners. spraying the papers will definitely make them pull away. HTH
i bought my hand crank Atlas at an auction about 8 years ago for $15, and i love it!. i use it occasionally for pasta, but it gets most of its use from fondant and gumpaste.
twistedsplinter i couldn't agree with you more! my caking life has change so much since stumbling upon this site last august!I hope you and everyone else here on CC have a wonderful 2009!
i'm not sure if you have a flickr account, but i was having the same problems until i started right-clicking and saving my medium sized flickr pics and using those to upload here.its really easy once you've uploaded them to flickr you click on the picture you want, choose "all sizes" thats right above the picture, choose medium, right-click on the picture and save it under a name you will easily remember. then when you want to upload it here just browse and find it under...
lol figures
thanks for the tip! i just sent them an email. now i just hope they haven't recieved so many requests that they've decided to stop sending them out
oh those are cute! thanks for sharing!
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