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I agree with the don't mix non edibles (especially feathers) with edibles but even though I have tried on two occasions to gently disuade her from the feather idea she still has her head set on them. I tried to incorporate them else where but she still wants them on the cupcakes. your ideas are fab guys thank you very ,uch for your suggestions!!!!
I'm doing a 30th birthday cake for a client and she wants to have feathers in her cupcakes but I can't figure a way to do this that doesn't interfere with the frosting. I'm going nuts looking for a solution but coming up with nothing? Does anyone have any suggestions please?
It's separating in the bowl I've used sugarshacks recipe with the exception of the coffee creamer. I've tried adding more sugar and meringue powder but it isn't happening, I think the buttercream fairy is against me as I can never make buttercream no matter how hard I try!! Any suggestions?Thanks
Pretty Please can't anyone help me?
I really don't know why I try and make buttercream as everytime I make it it goes wrong and here we are again.Is there anything I can do to bring my buttercream back together, i'm quite quickly loosing the will to live!!!!!!!Please help!!!!!
Congrats on the new job thats fab news!!!! Do you know when you'll start yet? Do you mind if I ask how much the marshmallow fluff was? I've made marshmallow fondant before but I melted the marshmallows and it was a bit of a nightmare as I had to pick out the pink ones as I could only get pink and white ones! Anyway when you mentioned the fluff I found a recipe online and I was trying to figure if It was cheaper to make or buy the fluff. If you let me know your email...
Instead of carving it, why don't you for example start with a 12 inch square cake say 3" deep and torte it at 1" and 2" use the first layer as your first tier. then cut the second layer to 11" square then fill and layer on top. You'd need to make 2 12" cakes and 1 10" cake to get your layers. Once you've layered all the cakes up then fill withg buttercream as a crumbcoat or your finished frosting. If you use a staight edge you should get it really smooth!
A runout is a sugar creation be it a picture or a 3d item etc. You usually work with royal icing soft peak to create an outline say a butterfly for an example. I would make half the wing outline using my icing and then the other half of the wing (keeping them unattached) I would then make a runnier icing and use it to flood the wing (like drawing a picture and colouring it in) when the icing sets, it sets hard but can be fragile, but you can use it to make boxes 3d...
If I make a crusting buttercream to crumbcoat a cake am I able to use the same buttercream as a filling for the cake if i thin it down or would I need to make a non crusting buttercream. I've never managed to make a smooth buttercream before but was thinking of having a go at making some tonight. Any tips before I get going would be appreciated. Thanks to everyone who's helped me with questions previously I've learnet so much already in the short time i've been using this...
How can I stop fondant from cracking and looking leathery. It's very annoying when I've spent the time to make it from scratch and then can't get the perfect finish with it!Thanks
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