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What can I add to cupcakes to keep them moist for at least 1-2 days. I usally bake one day in advance or the day of to avoid dryness. Plus I started adding a little bit of oil...hopefully it worked for my customers today
I called Amoretti last week and asked for a catalog and they sent me that plus samples. I also got what other people posted that they were sent last year.Here's what I got: Cappuccino-Tiramisu Compound European Style Premium Blanched Almond Paste (that was yummy!) Blanched Almond Flour Raspberry Framboise Compound Wild Strawberry Compound Wild Strawberry Swirl Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Compound with Seeds Raspberry Extract - does not smell good or raspberry-y at all...
My Husband & I researching for new equipment I need for my bakery and want to ask for advice and help about any websites/ companies where I can find some of the items I want. Also where can I buy these items and whats the best brand to buyStainless Steel tablesAirbursh machineKopycake machineEdible Image machineCricut CakeIf you have any suggestions about any equipment you have that you believe is a "Must Have" please let me know. Thank You CC Family
Mary & BrendaYou're in our prayersMary 2years ago , my husband and I, met you at your shop and we talked for a few hours about how we can move forward in our business back here In MI. You were so HUMBLE and so sweet. We really appreciated your time, advice and wisdom.I know that God is in cotrol and this is the season that you will emerge! God will take your mess and make it a message, take you from obscurity to oppurtunity and that very thing that seems to have you...
I have practiced making animal and people and Im getting much better. I have a request for cake with a few animals on top of the cake. Im not sure what to charge for them. Should the overall price per serving cover this or I need to charge them extra per figure and if so how much?Thanks
Ive been on a road speeding reading may cupcakes books for a few weeks. I have the Martha Stewart new book and I loke that one alot.My overall fav is cupcakes! by Elinor Klivans. I love everything about it and there so much to learn fprm her in Chapter 1.I HIGHLY recommend this book
Thanks for the thread. Got it a few days after I needed but my wonderful Husband helped me and it turned out great!
I have a request for a bday cake for a lady who want to get a cake for one of her top sellers. I want to make the Mary Kay pink and white stripe bag and add some fondant/gumpaste lipstick, eye shadow and etc.I need to know how can I cover the 8 in square stacked cake and leave room on the top of the cake to lay some tissue paper from fondant on?Im not sure if I need to roll the fondant out and let it firm up and cut into pieces ( 4) or what.Need help. Thanks
I have many ideas alread but was just asking for someone to share maybe something new. I know some people who uses different recipes such or have different creations as the frostings, fillings and garnish... this is what Im talking about .
Im in need of new cupcake recipes. Im adding a NEW cupcake menu to my business and I want to just gather as much information as I can and try new recipes before a full launch.Can anyone share with me a great website to research or sahre your favorite recipes for cupcakes.Thanks
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