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I would tell him that we are still getting a handle on doing cakes of that level of importance... you are flattered, but you woudl like to decline. You might offer to help them find a qualified baker in the area to do it, and go with them to the appt. maybe give them some money twards the cost of the cake... just ideas... hth. (these are wedding cakes but can inspirate you)[/quote]TY for sharing that site... i spent 20 minutes on it, and had to save it to my favorites!
you could always do a tiered cake with him on the up side of the hill, and a sign at the top that says "Now Approaching Old Age" and he isnt quite up to the top of the hill. I think it sounds fun... IMHO. Good luck to you... let us knwo how you make out!
I cannot imagine working for Buddy, they couldnt pay me enough to get yelled at all day. I am sure that isnt how it really is, but that is surely how they portray it on the show. I dont paticularly care for his style of decorating, does anyone else share my thoughts???
It looks to me like Cornelli lace... i dont know if i spelled it right, but if you do the pattern tightly enough it can look textured like that... heres a pic for reference... HTH...
The only person IMHO that has no rights to post them without permission is Angela. If you are the creator, then it is yours. You do not have to give credit for an original piece.
Is there a CT home baker that would be willing to take on a project cake for me?? My husband lost his job and I am moving to Ny in a week, and i am not able to do this cake. It is a simple job... and i really dont want to let a very good customer go. PLS! If there is anyone in the Hartford, CT area, could you send me an email and i can give you her contact info...TY!
Ok, since we seem to be having an AA meeting for Twihards... My name is Christie and I am a Twihard... That being said... Edward plays the piano, can quote shakesphere... drives a Volvo, there are so many things and quotes you could do. The best one I can think of is where he and Bella are laying in the meadow. That is just an awesome scene. HTH, PM me if i can help any more.
A little over 2 yrs ago, i went online searching for a neat idea for my son's third birthday... and today is his 5th birthday... which got me thinking... what brought some of my fellow cakers and bakers to this awesome site???
TY SOOO much Pam~! I was starting to think maybe i should try it... but maybe i will.
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