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You can use the food color spray in a can. Wilton has a whole line and also just came out with pearl.You can see them here: can also try and use luster dust with a dry brush directly on the fondant. That works well. HTH
You can also use Starburst, they come in all different colors and are super simple to work with.Just unwrap, pop in the microwave for a few seconds and use like fondant.Thats what ive done. Ill see if I can find pics, i had a major computer issue and lost a lot of pics You can make much more than flowers too, ive made teddy bears, turtles, fruit.....really, you can make anything you can think of.Also, you can use gumdrops. They're a bit finicky, but they work well. Roll...
looks like circles to me.
maybe instead of putting it on the top, make more layers & fill them with the frosting. you can cover the cake w choc ganache & then fondant.hth
Thank you so much again HappyCake, but unfortunately, thats not the recipe.i so wish i had more info to offer.........has anyone else seen a bc recipe, thats not french bc, that uses 6 egg yolks?pretty please thank you so much love- & really need- your help!!
Happy, thanks so much for the quick response, but the first recipe calls for egg whites.Was there another recipe I didnt see in that thread?
Please help me I stumbled upon a recipe a while ago for a cake frosting that used 6 egg yolks.I make french macaroons with a recipe that uses 6 egg whites, so this was a recipe sent from heaven !But then.......I had a problem with my computer and lost everything.Honestly, I dont remember where I saw the recipe, im just hoping someone else has heard of this, or has seen it someone and can help me?Any help is greatly appreciated.Thank you so much in advance.jess
You can absolutely make the MMF figures/ faces well in advance.I dont know about the FBCT, sorry.
im not familiar with the Wilton F BC recipe, but F BC is usually very thick.I assume there was a flour, milk, sugar component that needed to be heated until very thick and then cooled as it was in a mixer?If thats the case, did you let the mixture cool completely before adding the butter? Sometimes that can be the issue.
I understand what you're doing now.Wrapping it might not be the way to go. That leaves a lot of seems and lines to smooth out.If you're going to use just fondant/gumpaste, try and take a piece, roll it into a log, about the size of the neck and then shape it around ( or even better if the head isnt on yet, push it down onto the wire) and the smooth it with your hand.You wont have to worry about all the layers that way.I hope this helps.Good luck to you!
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