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how tall is each tier? My tiers are typically 4" tall, so I'd use my impression mat that is suited for a 4" tall cake.If you use the individual diamonds, i would use the diamonds that are about 1 3/4" tall
if you can't get it to work, could you email it to me?Nicole@roanokecakes.comThx!
it really depends on what size servings you want to serve...1"x2"1.5"x2"2"x2"2"x3"I go by Wilton's party servings for party cakes and wedding servings for wedding cakes. I find earlene's chart MUCH too generous on the portion sizes.
Once upon a time, there was a thread that I can't find now. It was pretty much all cake pop/cake ball talk and I think someone compiled a google document with different flavor combinations, tips, tricks, etc.Anyone know where this document is (if it exists?)Thanks!
can you cut an oval from white fondant?
If you want to use ganache as a poured icing, make a 1:1 ratio of ganache and heavy cream. Wait for the ganache to cool to about 80 degrees. You may want to put a crumb coat of buttercream to trap any crumbs and also refrigerate it for about 25 minutes before covering. Here is a helpful article about using ganache as a poured icing.
For $80, a client would get a small cake with a chocolate transfer image of the liquor bottles from me
I wouldn't go any smaller than 6" round base. I say this because I attempted to make a whimsical cake with 4" on bottom, 6" in middle, and 8" on top, the sides tapered down...didn't work. The 4" didn't have enough surface area to hold up the weight of the other cakes.And, the cake would feed more than 15. The 6" serve 12 (according to the chart I use from Wilton) and the 8" mini ball serves approximately 6-8. But, since you have a 6" tall base, you are giving them 50% more...
Yeah, I'm sure it needs refrigeration. I don't sell refrigerated cakes so only family gets the cream chz iced cakes and I don't refrigerate them all of the time. But for business purposes, yes refrigerate.I think it would color just aswell as any other buttercream.
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