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Hey, everyone! I've been away for so long, but for good reason! We moved across town into a house where we could transform the "formal living/sitting room" into my cakery! Here are the pics. I still have some small things left to do like put more dots on the back wall, but overall it will serve nicely!
It will be a 4-tiered cake, 6" 8" 10" and 12" delivered 45 minutes away (of course, during the hottest weekend in summer)I'm thinking I'll need to take it with the top two tiers together and bottom two tiers together. Assemble the 2 on site.I can't see assembling the whole thing on site as the ribbon needs to look somewhat seamless.By the way, the "OMG" was written by the bride. she found this out of a magazine.
Antonia74...i thought the SAME thing!7yyrt...Hm, so maybe not individual ribbons as much as it's just "crumpled" fondant, swag-like...OK, i can do seems to be coming together a bit more!Thanks to everyone!
The bride wrote "OMG" on it because it was her #1 favorite. She brought me a bunch of photos and I told her to pick one she wanted and it was this one.I was thinking of doing it in fondant as well. I only do fondant covered cakes and she did sample my MMF...but I thought if this was done in BC then i would suck it up and do it in BC.I guess, make strips of fondant and roll one edge under to make it look ribbon-like?
Ive used piping gel tinted with gel color to achieve liquid effects.I would beafraid that vanilla extract would eventually soak into the cake (if you are using cake/fondant/buttercream as a bowl to hold the "soy sauce"
Ive been able to make waves using regular buttercream recipe of 1/2 butter, 1/2 shortening. Should hold up to about 80 degrees. Maybe keep it out of direct sunlight, too!
I know this has been covered before, but I can't find the original thread.I have been asked to make this wedding cake.I'm thinking I should use the Icing Tip, flat side, and just pipe all the way around, from bottom to top, slightly overlapping?Should I crumb coat first or do a thick buttercream coat underneath?Should I let it crust or hurry up and stack it, ice it, and hope it doesn't slide?I have to drive this cake 45 minutes south in early-July...eek! So, I figure I...
after the flowers dry, I would attach with a dab of melted white chocolate.Or, dry them on toothpicks and stick them into the side. You can dry them on longer dowels if you are afraid of it ripping.
I only trim the edges if one cake baked a little smaller than the other and I need a smooth side, just like the above poster said, to remove the 'bulge'
i have an edible image of the 3 stooges to put on the top of the cake, but what to do on the sides? I was thinking a simple fleur de lis's for a nothing girly.Any ideas?
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