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I would print out a picture and put a piece of wax paper on top and use chocolate wafers/melts to "draw" your skyline.I almost exclusively use this technique
you may need to paint the stencil (after stenciling onto the cake) with silver highlighter dust
I'm gonna go with an icing/frosting that is cooked
my problem has been with pulling the stencil straight up. The middle seems to still stick to the cake/icing and starts to naturally pull from the sides.Any tips?
i always use wrapping paper, coordinating of course. All of my cakes are on their own cake board (so it's easy for me to ice, fondant, etc. and move around) then I place it on the board, so no food touches the paper.You can always use contact paper on top of the wrapping paper if you do need the cake to touch.
melt some (coordinating colored) candy wafers/melts/chocolates and make a mound on a wax paper, stick your flowers in. I will do this when making bows. Helps to create a base. Put the melted wafers into a parchment bag to pipe the chocolate "glue" in between sections to keep them together. Then the whole thing can be handled, placed on top of the cake, removed when need be.HTH.
start with pink
you would dip in white/vanilla chocolate for the undershirt and then dip at an angle for the tux coat.
If they are keeping the top tier and you only want to serve 50 people cake AT the wedding, then, yes, 6", 8", and 10" rounds are your best option with 74 servings. The 6" serves 12, so you would have 62 servings of cake when you save the 6".Keep in mind that wedding servings are 1"x2", so if you cut any bigger than that, you may not have enough cake for everyone. And I ALWAYS make each tier 4"-5" in height. A wedding cake does not look good if it's short and squatty....
Thanks, everyone!I bought 4 folding chairs to add to the table and put chair covers over them. I have 2 pink and 2 brown sashes to add for the final touch. Trying to sell the whole "idea" of a wedding, not just the cake.I love how they will finally see where I make my cakes, as opposed to meeting at Starbucks.I haven't considered the puddling of the tablecloth being a hazard. With the addition of the chairs, it's hard NOT to walk around the table-you'd have to really walk...
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