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Thanks everyone!!
I am making a cadavar foot cake, complete with toe tag. I'm wondering what to write on the toe tag.The wife wants "Stymie" written on it (a nickname of sorts) and so I was hoping to incorporate that and maybe his birthday (10/17) with a date of death, but not sure what that would be.Any ideas are greatly appreciated!
I need some help on carving a 3D foot cake, to look similarly to the attached picture.I'm thinking of baking a 9x13 cake, cutting in half and stacking on top of itself, carving out the basic foot shape and using the cake scraps to form the toes.Does that sound doable? Any advice?Thanks!
the only thing I had trouble with was getting the fondant to straighten out when I got towards the bottom (since the bottom curves inwards)So, just take care to go slow when covering in fondant (if you are not buttercreaming)
You're welcome!I used plywood in this particular case because it was a 6-tier topsy turvy with the bottom 2 layers styrofoam, so the bottom tier was 24" itself and I wanted a large base to be able to carry and support it all, so i went with a 28".I can't find 28" circle in cardboard anywhere LOL plywood made perfect sense. It cost a little under $20.00 and are the same sites for the two cities i service (pretty much the same big city)and also geared towards individual desserts
i needed a 28" Round base for a cake this past Spring and niether Home Depot or Lowe's would do it for me. So, I went to a lumber yard/supply place and they were more than happy to cut if for me. In fact, they had larger sizes cut for other people.Look into your local lumber company
it looks like fondant/gumpaste mix that is rolled into sausages, formed into the "K" shape, and a smaller rope of fondant/gumpaste that is wrapped around the "K"
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