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I ALWAYS assemble on site. I don't think that would be a problem for you.
I googled "corset template" and found one I liked. It basically looked like this one. I have the template printed out to fit a 12x18 sheet cake, but didn't save the original file. All i have is one hard copy.Baked 2 sheet cakes, torted, filled, stacked them. Placed the template on top and cut around. Baked 2 half balls for the breasts. Crumb coated the whole thing. I only used flesh fondant for the exposed skin part, cut right where the ball pans met the corset. This is...
I use MMF exclusively for all pieces on the cake that will be eaten.I have Satin Ice for my cake dummies and use that for most everything else that won't be eaten (bows, figures, etc.). It dries hard. Almost like gumpaste. Enough to hold it's shape, anyway.
Can you swirl it with a fruit flavored cake batter?
Couldn't you just let your buttercream crust over and then use the stencil as normal?
what cutters do you use leah?
Yes, the second link is more what she wants. Square not rectangle. And no wording.Thanks for any help!
I have a client who wants 6", 8", and 10" square tiers with a square Perspex separator between each. She is going to have the florist fill them with calla lillies.How do I make sure the cakes will hold up?What size separators should I purchase?Any other ideas/forseeable problems? I'm thinking I'll have to use foam board as the base of the top 2 tiers, otherwise I think the cardboard will flex and bend and the cake will fall (the portion not on the separator)thanks!
Agreed. It was extremely difficult to keep the top vinyl flat without causing creases in my fondant. Also, it is hard to wash without making wrinkles in the vinyl, and even after drying flat and rolling back up, it's all creased now. I'm going to stick with my old ways.
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