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Thanks, posters! I will have to check them out!
The only reason i haven't purchased any type of Cricut machine is the fact that you have to buy cartridges for EVERY thing you want.I'm waiting for the technology that gives me a Cricut machine that will let me do any .jpg. Maybe one that connects to my computer somehow. LOL shoot, I should start researching on how to make it myself!
i make my own homemade organic vanilla and it is DARK brown. But, i don't think it makes a huge difference in the color of my icing. If anything, the fact that I use all butter, no shortening alters the color.If it really really bothers you, find a pure extract that is clear. It will be more expensive because it has been filter to get rid of the impurities that make it dark. Or, you can get while food coloring. Wilton sells it. Not sure if anyone else does, though.
I use Martha Stewart's recipe as well. It is not good for large sculpting projects, though. Very tasty!(and LOL about the grammar/punctuation argument!)
I use Google sites. It's fairly easy to navigate through, but you have to have a basic knowledge of how websites work, how to get within search engines as far as keywords, links, etc., and a general idea of HTML.It's $10.00 a year. Your domain is registered through either GoDaddy or Enom, Google acts as a third party. So, at anytime you can pick up and leave Google sites if you want to host elsewhere.Check mine
it's less expensive to make your own buttercream.
Turntable? I have the basic wilton one. I am in the process of getting the new Fat Daddio's but was out of it, so I'm looking for another distributor.
LOL on the Everclear. It's illegal to buy and sell here in VA, so I have to make a roadtrip to NC everytime I need it.Good luck with the airbrush! I'm very much thinking about getting one.
I just want to comment on your cake-WOW! so clean and neat!You put my smash cakes to shame. My clients get a free smash cake, but it is a 4"x2" round or 4"x4"x2" square. Tiny!!!!! But it's free, so I'm not giving them a bunch of cake for free.Great job!P.S. I don't care what they do with the cake once they sign off on the invoice. It specifically states how to take care of a cake, but once they leave my premises, they are completely and totally 100% liable for ANYthing and...
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