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Do you have to recreate the cake EXACTLY as it was on their wedding?A trend I've been doing lately is recreating an old cake but in a modern way.For example, with this cake, I would do a 3 tier round cake, all white fondant with gumpaste flowers randomly placed. Forget the arches. I can't see what colors they had in the wedding, but maybe add a ribbon on the middle tier, half way up, with one spray at the middle point.If you have to make the cake exactly as shown, forget i...
If the gumpaste lid is dried hard enough, can you use two dowels (one on each side) to prop it up? if the dowels are taller than your cake, you should be able to raise it high enough to get your "Jack" to stand up under the lid. You could always cover the dowels in fondant to match the lid.Use as a last resort LOL
Can you just copy and paste the URL into a reply?Otherwise, upload a photo to your gallery and paste the URL into your reply.Most lace detail I have seen is done using...
I made a tiny one on the top of my Sweet Pea cake. It's all basic shapes. Oblong body, round head, sausage arms and legs with a flattened end for fingers/toes. You can use various tools to make the eyes, mouth, etc. A small piece of fondant for the nose.
I can't believe I am at the point where my home business is in need of a mixer larger than my 6 quart Kitchenaid.I am fast approaching the need to start thinking about opening a storefront, but that's a whole different thread LOLI am looking at this mixer: any other home bakers recommend a good commercial mixer? I don't think I...
Thanks!! I have seen those before. I think I'm going to draw something up from scratch and see what I can do!Thanks again!
...a 14" and/or 16" Round cutting guide going by the party serving size of 1.5"x2" and using IndyDebi's method of cutting (rectangular slices). I do NOT want the wilton guide as I do not like their method of cutting circles-within-circles.Thanks!Nicole
[quote="Cindy619"]This baker was 110 miles from London
so..maybe it's just the American in me...but, is anyone else bored with the entire cake being fruitcake?Love the finished piece, tho!! I wonder how many brides are going to come to me with dreams of grandeur. And how many will be upset when I tell them I can't do anything remotely close to that HAHA
That's pretty ambitious for someone who is just starting out! Good luck!
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