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CakefillingCakefillingCakefillingCakeThat's how my cakes look before putting any crumb coat, icing, fondant on the outside. They usually end up being about 5" tall. I bake 2 cakes in 3" tall pans. I trim them down which takes about 1/2" off (save it for cake pops) and then add 1/4" to 1/2" filling in between.
I would take off the fondant, throw that away or clean it up as best as you can and re-roll it out. This time, make it thinner. Like the PP said, it could be because it was too thick and heavy, and therefore gravity took over. Don't make it too thin, because when you are smoothing it on, it can rip also. You have to find that happy medium, which is usually about 1/8" thick.
I never refrigerate my cakes because it always causes more problems than helps. I need everything to be at room temperature because 99% of the time the cake is sitting out in room temperature at its final destination.With that being said, I only make products that don't require refrigeration, which usually means a ratio of high sugar to counteract any growth. I do not make cakes with Meringue based buttercreams for Clients. For home use, I use it and have not had a problem...
I'd like to be able to delete whatever pictures in my gallery that I would like, regardless of the number of favorites. I have a lot of pictures from 2008/2009 that are not reflective of my style of decorating at this time in 2012. They are outdated.Thanks!
Sorry...they took it down because some of the serving charts *may* have been taken from other websites. I didn't realize that using a cutting guide was considered copyright infringement. You can find it through my blog which I will have to leave up to you to find. Sorry! just compiled a how-to on cutting cakes, both round and square, using the Wilton suggested serving sizes, but with a grid pattern.I had to make this myself because I could not find a picture that used the Wilton serving sizes but without the Wilton cutting method. I LOATHE the idea of cutting smaller circles within the cake. So messy! I love Earlene's method, but her slices seem too big. And since I sell my cakes using the Wilton...
What would you use to make the veil in this picture?
I emailed and said that I require at least a week's notice on cake orders as I am a one-person business operating a domestic bakery. Because of the nature of this cake and the structural integrity required to make it work, I would need at least that much notice, payment made 2 weeks prior to the event.She didn't respond to that. But, I did get another email from her asking to pick up a Topsy-turvy cake today or tomorrow.I have had a call from a guy that I advertise with...
HAHA I love my customers!  "I would like to order a topsy turvey cake, black and white with zebra stripes and bling and a \\"V\\" in bling on top if possible. I would like it to be chocolate inside with cookie and creme frosting inside.I need it for a birthday on this saturday 8/20/11. Is it too late to order? Only need a small cake."
I have already contacted the original designer for this cake, but I wanted to get your opinion on this.How should I go about making the cat and also how to get the hat stable and supported.Thanks!It's the picture on the front page, cat in the hat
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