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PERFECT!! Thanks...I am currently browsing Ebay, CKproducts, and Decorate The Cake.   I also found "Cake Lace" which is just like SugarVeil or Crystal Lace, except you bake it!! What??? I am not fond of buying out of country simply because of shipping costs, but I like the idea of baking the lace molds, which takes 10-20 minutes as opposed to waiting for it to dry over a few hours before being able to do repeat that mold again.
Yeah, I think I am going to end up going the route of pulling together a bunch of different cut-outs and silicone molds, then over-piping (I am doing some online shopping/research as we speak). Time consuming, yes, but I think it's the only way to pull it off. My free hand skills aren't where they should be if I were to wing it.   Thankfully, I have until May 25 to get everything together (technically, a week before then since that is her wedding day, but you get the...
Awesome!! Thank you SO much!   Andrea @ Sedona Cakes replied:   Well, that cake was hand piped with royal icing and a number 2 tip.....just made up the design as I went. No other secrets to it. Good luck in replicating it.....and be sure to charge enough - it took a long time to pipe that design!!   So, yeah...WOW! Hand piped? Sheesh, I mean, I know I have some talent but not near enough to feel confident in recreating her design.   Back to the drawing board. :)
I came across "Crystal Lace" in my research (similar to SugarVeil) and it appears that it may have come from an assortment of their molds. I am not 100% on that though.   I have an inquiry into Sedona Cake Couture on the off chance that they are willing to point me into a direction.   Thanks!
I am wondering how to go about executing the lace detail on this cake. Is it royal icing? cut-out fondant? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!$!400x.jpg  
This is how I typically go at it. It's basic time management. Once you get used to knowing how long something will take you, you get an idea for how to arrange your week. *Bear in mind I'm a SAHM, so I can arrange my days more so than someone who works away from home   Monday - put together and decorate cake boards, get cake boxes set up and ready to go, make any pieces that need to be dried   Tuesday - collect ingredients, work on anything else that can be done...
Great! I look forward to this feature!  
Does this mean we will finally have control over deleting our own photos?
I use the cheapest vodka avavilable, typically Aristocrat. Works just as good (in my opinion)
I transport my cakes unassembled and assemble on site. I used to use wax paper, but over the years, I have found that I don't need wax paper in between the tiers. If a client is picking up a tiered cake and transporting themselves, I still don't use wax paper and put a long dowel down through the center of the cake to hold everything together.P.S. KakeLadi - i may have been the one to give you the "hint" years ago. I have a disassembly and trasnportation guide in my...
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