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I have recently started with the cricut...and, after MANY, MANY hours of failed attempts, I found what works for me. I have learned that NO gumpaste I tried gave me the results I wanted. I also learned that fondant and tylose weren't solutions for me either...the cuts weren't clean, ect. However, I was trilled when I used candy clay in the didn't have to dry (just froze for a few minutes and cut with the deep cut blade), so, I was able to mold and curve...
Thank you so much for posting these....I can't wait to try some!
I agree, Aine2 is a fantastic teacher...however, I like working with candy clay much better when molding people or animals! Hope this helps!
You guys so AWESOME...Thank you so very much! I just love this site! You ROCK! Even a sick girl smiled...LOL!Have a wonderful day - I have decided to go ahead with the simple syrup just in it will hopefully be great! Thanks guys...Mandi
I am feeling pretty under the weather, but I have a cake due tomorrow, so I decided to start baking it. It is supposed to be pretty simple, but I think I screwed up the receipe...Just this morning (after batter is already made and most cakes are baked...) I realized that I used all purpose flour instead of cake flour which the receipe called for... !I normally pay better attention, but is it going to be terrible? I might have enough for a small taste after I bake the...
I love Sugarshack's icing and it is my regular BC recipe used on most of my cakes. Just recently, I discovered SMBC and now it is a regular filling that I use. Also, serious_cakes and indydebi both have awesome bc recipes listed in the recipe sections. With sugarshack's, I add about half of the liquid at first. Then I begin adding the sugar. If it becomes too dry, I add more of the hot liquid. I try to add as little as possible through the mixing process, because I...
Thank you Honeydukes! I ordered some just now! I can't wait to try these. They are a bit pricey, but I think that they are worth it! I am going to attempt the egg white paint just to see if that produces an acceptable alternative! Thanks again!Mandi
Those ARE awesome! Do you think that painting (like with the egg yolk listed above) would work? I would love to know how those are done as well.Bumping this up for sure!Mandi
Debi - I have seen such a different side of you in this thread! I love it! You have a fantastic sense of humor, terrible past (just a rotten ex, I have one of those crazy a$$ idiots, too!), and yet, you have pulled up your big girl panties and became a FABULOUS decorator and artist who EVEN does fondant! Thank you for making me laugh today! It was much needed!Mandi
Terrie - I have tried that with this particular one. Of course, that would be the book that is checked out in my local library AND the one 50 miles outside of my city. That is just my luck usually. However, thanks to my wonderful CC friends, I am all set to start baking TODAY! I just love you guys.Thanks again - Mandi
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