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A few years ago, GeminiRJ shared that recipe and I've used nothing else since.  My customers love it -- they often comment about how they've had other decorated cookies with "crunchy" icing, but that mine is nice and creamy.
Thanks for all of the kind words, everyone!  And, hbquikcomjamesl, I never thought I could either, as I can't draw anything with a pencil.  But, it's really not as hard as it seems -- I just kind of pick apart the clipart in my mind, deciding what has to go on first, then what goes on top of that, etc.  As I go, I flatten out the frosting using the Viva method.  Give it a try!
Well, I did it!!  Thanks to Crazy-Gray, I had a cute piece of clip art to work from.  I just piped it right onto the cake with buttercream and, if I do say so myself, it turned out pretty cute!  Here's a link to the photo:
Oh, I loooove that, Crazy-Gray!  I'm not real creative, so all I could come up with was trying to carve and decorate an actual computer.  Your idea is right up my alley -- I could put it on a sheetcake so it would be much easier to serve.  Thanks so much, and I'll send you a photo when I make it in March!
A local charity that provides refurbished computers to low-income families is about to celebrate giving away their 10,000th free computer!!  Anyway, they're having a celebration and asked me to donate a cake.  I'm thrilled to do it, but I only work in BC.  Every computer cake I've seen on the internet is fondant.     They haven't yet told me how many servings they need, so I'm just trying to get some ideas right now.   Thanks for any advice!!
So it seems that the contestants are always forced to make some disgusting savory cupcake in the first round, like salmon and dill, for instance.   My question is, when they serve their 1000-cupcake display at the event, do you think they let the guests know that one of the cupcakes isn't really a dessert cupcake like they're expecting to be served?     If I took a cupcake at a party and bit into it only to find that it contained salmon mousse and dill, I'd be...
Thanks, everyone! I'm actually embarrassed that this turned into a forum about my Cakes for a Cause. Originally, I had posted just to whine about someone not wanting to pay a fair price for a cake. I guess I'm glad, though, that it ended on a positive note and put everyone in a good mood!
Well, I don't. . . but, luckily, my husband and I are both okay with that. I'm not one to buy expensive clothes, purses, shoes, etc. I'm not big on jewelry, I don't go in for massages or manicures, and I don't have any other expensive hobbies or collections. So, we figure that, if buying sugar and flour makes me happy and provides money for the food pantry, that's what we'll do. The entire check is written to the charity, and the customer can write it off as a...
Thanks for the kind words, everyone. I took a cake decorating class, then wanted to make them all the time but had no reason to. One day, I offered to make a 3-tiered cake for the sweet 16 of a girl at church. I was just doing it for fun, but the mom surprised me by giving $200 to the food pantry. That's when a light bulb went on and Cakes for a Cause was born!So, it's a win-win-win situation in that I get to have so much fun baking (4 orders a week on average),...
Oh, no, no, no!! Please erase that from your mind. I must not have explained myself well.These are my friends, church members, people who've heard thru the grapevine, etc. who order and I have them write their check payable to my favorite charity -- our local food pantry where I volunteer. It's not the pantry clients themselves who are ordering cakes.I'm on track this year to make about $5500 dollars toward the charity, which will buy a LOT of food for those in need.
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