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I'm sorry. People seem to really lack manners. You are a wonderful person for being so generous with your time for your family, it should be acknowledged and appreciated.I flew cross country, with baked cakes in my carry on luggage, and made a wedding cake for my niece. I spent months preparing and practicing (it was my first wedding cake). I haven't even had a thank you note over a year later. Live and learn. All the others will be told they need to go to the bakery.
My personal favorite is my mother's sour cream chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream. 1 cup sour cream2 tablespoons vinegar (I know, but trust me)Beat together and add:1/2 cup cocoa2 cups flourMix in:1 cup boiling water (trust me again )1 tsp vanilla2 cups sugar2 eggs1 tsp baking soda1 tsp saltBake at 350 for approx 30 minutes, depending upon pan shape. It is a very moist, dense cake that can be dressed up with whatever frostings and fillings that you like.
A and sort of C. I am Tivo'ing the cake show on FoodNetwork.
That is exactly the kind of thing I am looking for loriemoms! Thank you!
I won't need it until May, but since this is such an important cake, I want to be prepared well ahead of time. Does anyone know of any mail order places? I tried a search for edible images, but was only coming up with premade ones. I would also like to use someone that is known to some of you and recommended.
I kind of live in the boonies. Our WalMart is just the regular kind, no grocery or bakery and our only cake supply place other than Michael's etc. is pretty basic. I will try the grocery store, but somehow I doubt that they will do it since they refused to even sell me a cake box when I asked.
I am in the process of designing a cake for the grand opening of a local library. I am going to make a stack of books with one open book beside the stack. I want to put an image of the architect's rendition of the facade of the building on the open book. The library will loan me the drawing, but how do I get an image? Help, please?
I had this one saved to my favorites. Maybe?
I'm still plan on posting some pictures. Hang in there, I haven't forgotten about you, I have just been working way more than I expected this week. I don't have a regular job, but am on call to sub and have been very busy this week so far. Soon, I promise.
It is bedtime for the little ones here, but I will try and take some pictures after I get home from work tomorrow. I still have that fondant in ziplocks.
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