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Does anyone know of a tutorial for gumpaste lilies? Stargazer, Easter or Asian, etc. Im actually doing stargazers but any of those would help (not calla). Thanks!
I am looking for a video tutorial for lilies. I'll be making stargazer lilies, but a tutorial for white lilies would work as well (but not calla). Thank you!
I'm making a cake for a couple who is getting married in the Cathedral of Junk in Austin Tx I want to match the cake with the venue and maybe even duplicate some of the junk sculptures. So, I am thinking of a topsy-turvy cake and want to use candy to represent the items commonly used...
My old pc that had cake boss program on it crashed so now I dont have any of my recipes, etc. I was wondering if anyone could point me to how to get in touch with the makers and if it is available for mac. I wonder if by giving them my email address they could just switch the info over to my mac? That would be awesome. I need it!
the carved cake boot is what I was looking for. I didnt know if I needed support or not. The video was helpful. They used no support , but used a mud cake (?). I never have good success sculpting cakes...they sink. Is there a certain recipe I should use?Thank you all for your help.
are there any tutorials for making a standing cowboy boot? Or could any one give me any tips? There are many nice pictures on here, so I know some of you have done some beautiful ones!
okay so I want to make "people" figures for my cake for the fair, btu I have never done that before. Any pointers? I also want some to walk, some to kneel, some to sit, etc. Are there any tutorials to show me how?
bakerellas cakeballs are incredibly smooth and seem to have no "bottom" in the world???
What should the difference in diameter be between tiers of a stacked cake?
I am figuring $20 for supplies and ingredients. Then i figured 6 hours of work @ $10.00/hour. That is not what I always want to make, of course, but for now...and on my first cake....I know, I know. Well, I will definitely charge more as I learn and grow confidence. Thanks
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