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I have, for the most part, been very happy with GSA as a company. Until today. I've been trying to place an order for the last hour and keep going in circles. I still haven't been able to do so!
SPS are the way to go, ALL THE TIME. I had this same problem when I did my first topsy-turvy. Turns out one of the dowels was just a fraction of a hair shorter than the rest, which caused the cake to be unlevel. This set off a whole chain-reaction when I stacked it. The cake slipped and pushed into the bottom tier at angle and slowly the bottom tier "exploded" for lack of a better word. I'm hoping that you're spared this pain, cause it's a bummer, and I hope it works...
Why can't we all just get along (or JUST stay on topic)?
Just tryin' to keep the peace. Love yah girlfriend.
Oh, I seriously doubt she meant it to be offensive Mel! I mean, how could someone tell someone else what they should do with their own time? You can experiment and guess all you want, isn't that how someone came up with chocolate covered pretzels? Saying that someone had to do something because someone else "said so" would be senseless. I don't think she meant it in a mean way.
My heart is breaking for the CakeGirls. I have always been a fan and have always prayed for them and their success. Now I will pray even harder.
Oh, yeah. The smell of burned eggs tends to linger for a few weeks. Yech.
I'm the dork that dropped an uncracked egg into the sink's drain yesterday and actually tried to pull it out! Needless to say, even though I knew it was going to crack I still did my best to get it out in one piece.
I used Americolor's Eletric Pink on the Minnie Mouse (Jade) cake I did in my photos. It didn't take a lot and it came out so "hot pink" it actually hurt my eyes.
She's a woman who obviously knows what she wants...I wonder what she would do if you gave her an topsy turvy cake...that's "angled" isn't it? Some people are just too smart for their own good.
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