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my problem was i never smashed the cake down after adding the icing/filling to get the air out.
thank you so much- this answered my question.
my layered/stacked cakes want to ooz icing out of layers when in transporting, how can i stop this from happening? I let the cakes rest over night before layering or stacking them.
those are cute, thank you
can you share your secrets or tips on how to have a successful result when doing Frozen Buttercream transfer?thank you
I am wanting to do a panda bear (eating leaves/bamboo) on a sheet cake for a family dinner. I need a title for it,any ideas?
here is one of my favorites of many here on cc. It is from lilmansmumI love all her work, she is my cake idol here is one of my favorites of my cakes
i made my first batch of buttercream fondant tonight, do i need to let it set overnight before trying to roll it out?
what about when you use all crisco,no butter?
how long can I keep Homemade Buttercream Icing? And what is the best way to store it? I have a couple cakes coming up that are do within a couple days of each other and I thought I could make the icing in advance to save time and mess's but want it to be fresh also.
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