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I didn't read anything about a dowel down the center for support. If she's not using SPS, wouldn't she need a center dowel?
I agree.
For buttercream, I use yellow icing and put in a small drop of brown, you will get gold but not metalic. Then I spray with pearl sheen or Americolor as a gold sheen that's looks better sprayed on gold buttercream. HTH
Thanks for the suggestion but I am a little confused. Is that how you make a round snake or a flat snake? How do you roll one with a cake pan? Thanks[/quote]Sorry I'm not explaining well. Holding cake pan with both hands, roll LIGHTLY, touching very SOFTLY back and forth over the fondant. A cake board does just as well and yes either way the piece is rounded like a snake.
Hi Kura,Before I got an extruder, I used a large cake board or cake pan to lightly roll over the fondant piece. It will get longer and longer so you will need a long space. The pan is easier to hold on to but it is heavier to hold for a long period of time. First roll a piece of fondant between your hands and then lay on floured table and continue rolling with the board or pan LIGHTLY over the piece until desired length. May take a couple of tries but it works.HTH
Or the mouth of a glass or jar. My grandma use to cut biscuits with the mouth of a jelly glass. LOL!
When I need a flat top with buttercream on a cupcake, I spread buttercream evenly on a sheet pan lined with wax paper. Then I freeze it fairly firm but not frozen solid, I take a cookie cutter the size I need for the cupcake and make buttercream icing discs. I lift each icing disc on to the cupcake, 95% of the disc come out perfectly. You do have to work quickly, especially in the Summer. With this method you can lay numbers and letters on individually or on a fondant...
HTH (Hope this helps.) My avatar is a toy chest without the hinges. If you look at and click on baby shower cakes at the bottom of the page, you will see a couple I've done. These were sometime ago before I learned about styrofoam. Now I only use cake if I need more servings and I don't leave the lid as wide open as with styrofoam.
It's less expensive to use styrofoam if you don't want to use cake for the lid. I use styrofoam rounds cut in half and a wooden skewer pushed through all of the halves from side to side. I place them cut side down on a board that has been cut to size of bottom cakes. Skewers in the cake keep the lid from going all the way down. Skewers all the way from the top of styrofoam through cake hold it all together. Oh, and I wrap my styrofoam in cellophane or saran wrap...
Sorry, I must be more tired than I thought. lol Here is the link.
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