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Thanks all for responses, I plan to give it another trial throw with another can of bkg powder, Have a wedding coming up in January .
I meant 3 inch high
I filled haif way. I used 3 different sizes of pans one of which was a 3 inch , that one ran over too!
I decided to bite and bought the recipe yesterday based on several good reviews here. I'm sure I followed recipe to the letter as she had indicated. The only adjustment made was doubling ingredients. Cake rose and overflew in the oven. By the time I brought them out, everything sank. Could anyone kindly tell what I did wrong. Please and thank you.
costumeczaroffline9,516 Posts. Joined 10/2007 I charge per cake and use an average number of servings per tier based on the different cake charts that are floating around to set the price. Then they can use it for a food fight or cut it into a million tiny pieces as far as I'm concerned. Ditto. I hardly, hadly ever charge per slice.
Scratch cakes are often tempramental, you have to practice as many as you can to find what works for you. Go to the recipe section and you will find tons to practice.
;-D:smile: Agree totally
I live in Maryland and I wouldn't make that cake for less than $200.00, satin flower or not. For me, once it's tiered, price increases, and with delivery and set up? Cost more. I guess it's okay if you are still trying to attract customers.
Gel or paste color definite. For one, dust is more expensive and that's why it's usually used, most times, only as highlights as against actual painting. Secondly, the picture has different shades of black which shows as grey where it is lighter. You can best achieve this through use of paste/gel. With this type of job, there are going to to be wiping and cleaning as corrections only to repaint, colors are best for this. The dust may come later to brighten the completed work.
The wolf is molded and painted, goes beyond dust and vodka. It appears like the face is constructed first.You must be good at "oil and canvas" sort of art to accomplish this, i mean food color of course. If possible, start the face consruction now(most likely from gumpaste /modelling chocolate) and see how you like it before going further. Good luck.
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