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I recently purchased a 3 lb. container of Hi Ratio shortening and was able to measure out about 7 1/2 cups packing it as much as I was able each time I measured.
Thanks for the responses.  I've been using coffee creamer dissolved in boiling water for the liquid in the recipe.  It has worked for years but not so well for the last two weeks.  I did try it using Domino PS and really could not see any improvement.  Guess I'll just have to go ahead and invest in Hi Ratio shortening. Thanks again for the suggestions.
I read many pages from "Everything you want to know about Buttercream" but still need help!  I've used Sharon Zambito (Sugarshack)'s recipe for years with great success.  Even using the Aldi brand shortening and powdered sugar I had smooth as silk buttercream.  But not lately.  I've tried using Domino's Powdered Sugar and even found a store brand of shortening with 0.5g of transfat.  Still not successful.  Does anyone have suggestions.  I can't even smooth it out with a...
Melted chocolate also works well for holding heavy fondant pieces onto buttercream cakes.
Wilton also has a mold.  It is purple and has both upper and lower case.  I do use it but it takes much longer than using Tappits.
Are you planning to cover them?  I made cake pops for my son's graduation and decorated them with melted chocolate because I wanted to cover each with a little bag and didn't want the decorations to smear.
Thanks for the links.  It was a cool day here and I did not refrigerate my frosting to cool it before using it nor did I refrigerate the cake afterwards.  I also used the frozen coconut that had a lot of moisture so I believe I have learned a lot and will try again for my own birthday in July, if not before.
The cake was completely cool and I had already pressed the coconut onto the sides.  It was frozen coconut that I had thawed.  I had extra frosting but threw it away when I thought I was finished.  I did try to move what was on there around a little bit but I still saw a few nearly bare patches.  It tasted great so I was probably the only one who noticed.  Thank for the replies just the same.  I'll keep searching for an answer.
My father-in-law wanted a coconut cake for his 90th birthday.  I made one and it looked so pretty when I finished it but a few hours later the seven minute frosting started soaking into the layers and leaving some "bare" spots.  Did I not cook or beat my frosting long enough, or too long or was there another reason for this?  Thanks for any advice.
I recently bought the Wilton ones and liked it just fine for my "Sheppard Trucking" cake.  Sorry I don't know how to post the link but you can find it through my profile and photos.  It depends on the size of letters you are looking for.  I love my fmm cutters, especially the Funky ones which I used on the front of that same cake and many others.  I also have and use the script and block letters by the same company.  You do have to roll the fondant/gumpaste thin and I let...
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