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4ShannonH- what a great update to come back here to find! I googled the "cookie Law" to see what else i could find and came across the facebook post by ArtfullyDelicious with this same update and a link to the petition. I shared it on my facebook page, as well as my [url][/url] page. The fan page already got 2 more signatures =] I will keep re=posting it!
I don't have an exact recipe... but when i make it for her, "1/2 gallon of heavy cream, 2 scoops of sugar, and one scoop of stabilizer" (her words lol) go into the mixer. i believe the sugar is 10X, the stabilizer- i have no idea, i never actually looked at the label! and if i had to guess, i'd say our "scoop" is about a half a cup.
garciam- yes... we do not like bettercreme. We have a few customers we have to order it for that always request it, but we do not use it otherwise.Brides love that we do whipped cream cakes. IMO, they are light and elegant. here is a link to our bakery's facebook page so you can see what i mean when i said they are not 'elaborately decorated'... whipped cream is not exacty a drwam to work with but my boss does an amazing job with...
yay, it worked!
just tried again, still not working. I can't even find a place to create an account first... you know, so a password exists to sign in with? Nothin'.....
vgcea- Rum+simple syrup, sorry i wasn't completely specific on that one! =]We have a small decorating room with it's own air conditioner and a vinyl shower curtain "door". And before delivery, we cart the cakes into the freezer for a quick hour or so. no major issues to date!
I think that is why my first thought was a little cupcakery... those just seem to be popping up everywhere! and all the ones i've been in do nothing but cupcakes, period. I think having just a little something extra to offer could potentially be as benificial to someone as the situation would be to me!
The bakery I work in only uses Whipped Cream for our wedding cakes. And my boss never touches fondant. Our cakes are not elaborate, but they taste amazing! Also, our most popular cake filling is cannoli! We are an Italian bakery, it's only natural =] Our layers of yellow sponge are brushed with rum, stacked/filled with homemade cannoli filling, and iced with homemade whipped cream... and they are to die for.
I am a home-baker and in wisconsin i cannot obtain a license for my home kitchen. We looked into renting commercial kitchen space, and after researching our options decided it was not the right idea for us. My ideal situation would involve being able to sell my cookies by way of custom orders, as well as rent a table at a local Farmer's Market to sell them. Hubby came up with the idea of taking a portfolio around to local small bakeries (as opposed to the bakery i work in-...
*happy tears*thank you for the kind words!
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