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I've worked in a grocery store and a storefront bakery. Both of them want a decorator that can work fast and efficiently. Time is money. You need to make every movement as efficient as possible. You have to go get something from the back? Look for some dishes to take with you. It was common practice to work on two cakes at the same time. Doesn't matter if they were the same or not, we would grab two boards, two cakes, ice both of them, border both of them, decorate...
Just remember, when a client asks "why?" to your "no" response, a perfectly reasonable response from you is "It's just not my business policy."What do most parents say to their three year old that keeps asking "why?" BECAUSE I SAID SO!
What if you just barely swirled the melted coating colors together and then dipped? It would be a more marbled look, but it would kinda give the effect you're describing.
At the bakery I work at we get maybe 4-5 weddings a year that when they call to make a tasting appt we find out they're getting married in like a week. We work them in if we can. But we do kinda give them the whole "WHOA! A week? Goodness, we gotta get going here! Most people contact us a few months in advance!"
The bakery I work at bakes their full sheet cakes in a full sheet pan. That's 18X26 inches. For half sheets we cut a full sheet in half. For quarter sheets we cut a half sheet in half. So the half sheets are 18X13. Quarters are 13X9. Same as what you are doing. Although to be honest when I'm cutting, I'm not exactly measuring. So the measurements may be a little off, but it's about what I described.
How long did you have to put off the party? The MMF and BC should keep fine, you can freeze the BC too. Just take it out a couple days before you need to use it and be prepared to have to mix it a few minutes in your mixer.
Definitely dip the cupcakes in melted chocolate! I can smell the burnt chocolate already if you painted the cups with melted chocolate!And I'm also wondering about the tuile part.
Not every cake is going to be magazine perfect with no bulges. You said yourself that it doesn't happen most of the time. So I wouldn't sweat it if it happens once in a while. Could be humidity, could be the cake recipe. Do you always use the same recipes for your flavors? Do you notice it happening with some cake flavors but not others? Sometimes if you have a really dense cake it could bulge a little more than a lighter recipe (ie carrot cake vs white cake).
hmmm, never tried this. And it's such thin pieces too i'm sure. I would try the microwaving on one or two pieces, see if it works. If not it's back to the drawing board. A brush would work to dust off some of the cornstarch.If you have to start over with the bow, make the loops and then let them sit in the oven overnight with your oven light on. The light inside is just enough heat to speed up the drying process without melting the fondant. Just don't do what my...
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