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This bride has bigger problems to deal with considering her fiance was thrown in jail for drunk driving the night before their wedding. I'm thinking that the cake is the least of her worries right now.You did your best and went above and beyond to get that cake delivered to them. I know you feel it's not your best work, but really for you to be able to get that cake finished and delivered by 5p.m. with such short notice is a miracle.I think you are fantastic and I'm sure...
I would try turning your oven down the next time, it could be part of the problem. Yes I use 12 T of butter, softened in the microwave but not melted and I add it when the oil is added.Another important thing is the flour. Are you measuring before or after you sift? For this recipe I measure then sift. Same with your white cake, notice if it calls for " 2 cups sifted flour" or " 2cups flour sifted", there is a difference in the two and it could effect the outcome of...
Wow thanks for the heads up.
Have you seen the "great yellow cake scratch off" that we had last year. Here's a link to it. is a lot of great info and troubleshooting about different scratch yellow recipes that we all tried and critiqued.
hmmmm that's weird. I get a dense moist cake from this and it bakes up smooth and even to the top of the pan.Are you baking at 300 degrees as instructed?
Well welcome to you, this is an awesome site and you'll learn so much here!Pudding mix is sold here in the states by a company named Kraft. It is basically a dry mix that when mixed with milk and either cooked on the stove or mixed with an electric mixer (the instant kind needs no cooking) it turns into pudding. It's a heavier consistency to mousse.This is what it looks like
lol You'll do just fine.Yes, piping gel will work. Just brush it on and "throw" the nilla crumbs at it. Well, not really "throw" so much as just "toss" them. Seriously though, just scoop them up in your hand and press them onto the gel.Good luck!P.S. I've also used light corn syrup to adhere crumbs to fondant before too.
Well that's good that it tastes good! lolCheck your leavening to be sure it's still fresh and active, that could be part of the problem.Good luck!
Um, it could be the mixing.Did you maybe fill the pans too high? I would recommend doing a toothpick test or touch the cake with your finger to see if it springs back. Is it pulling away from the sides of the pan yet?
OK after much thought I think I've found the reason why our electric bills are so high.........our addiction to Cake Central! My poor laptop is working overtime.
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