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I think that would be adorable! Or, you could do a forest scene with the cabin, with the stroller sitting out front, "waiting" for baby X.
Don't most of the character pans have a thing on the label that tells how many servings?
When I worked in a bakery, we always gave them a smash cake free, and the parents always seemed surprised. I never heard any feedback on it. Never thought about it, but no one ever said one way or the other what they thought............ good question! Cute cake, too!
I have a friend who would ADORE this cake! I'd be her hero! Would you mind sharing how you did it? I understand it's sculpted. What size cake, how man servings and how did you make it look so realistic?
What if you did a race track made out of fondant playing cards. Then, you can put a car traveling along the "track" (either out of fondant, or just a toy). Then, you could do just a basic border, but put the poker chips along the bottom of the cake?
(Mod, I wasn't sure if this was the right spot, or if I should put it under the cake decorating section itself. Please feel free to move this if it's in the wrong spot. Thanks!)As some of you may know, I was supposed to be a Wilton instructor before DH went out of town for 8 months last year. I've been on their relief list for all this time, but I haven't been able to fill any spots. And I probably wouldn't be able to commit to anything with the possibility of DH going...
What if you did a 3D cake like this:, instead of just on a board, put a MOUND of grey or opaque white icing down first, and the car in it with the icing surrounding it. That way, it looks like the "smoke" is coming from behind and going around the cake?
That you can do a FBCT on the side of a cake. I researched it not too long ago, and was told it is possible, just make the transfer backing (where you spread the white) a little thinner so it doesn't jut out as far.I ended up not doing it (redesign issue) but I still want to try. Good luck!
I don't have the original instructions, but this may help: this may be even closer: luck! HTH
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