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White chocolate frosting.. Yummy! Thanks for the info on making your own orange extract. I was curious about how it was done and didn't want to ask. Was going to google it.
Isomalt is a bit expensive I think, I always had good results with sugar, You can also buy food grade silicone to make your own mold. Might even be about to make an exact duplicate mold of the actual beading on the dress. Just an idea.....
Homemade? Wowziers!!!!I wouldn't even know where to begin.
First what type of cake are you looking at: Sheet, stacked, carved?The possibilites are endless.Sheet: You could do edible prints, frozen transfers, actual figurines with a detailed backdrop.Stacked: Could use or make figures of them scaling a mountain or such.Carved: Could carve on of their nifty tanks, or such.The possibilites are endless, have you scrolled the galleries for any ideas?Its a wonderful place to go for insperation.
Indydebi's buttercream is my go-to buttercream. Thinking of adding some orange extract to it. But I sure did love the taste of the coolwhip stuff. I plan on trying many more combos but would like to try combos that are already in use. Seems like my own experiments always go bad.
Hi! How about an RV traveling down a dirt road lined by some log fences with some mesas in the background (whole southwestern look). Then the border or edging you could pipe a rope, throw on a hankie in the corner, a bale of hay in the corner. Or pipe a cartoonish looking cowboy in all his getup on top of the RV rolling down the road.
moranda............ That sounds like it could be yummy. Think you could let me know how that combo tastes?Ronbob1984 Thanks.... I will try that as another test this weekend. Thinking of freezing a huge sliced cake and just taking portions for my experiments. Your orange buttercream: is it flavored with LorAnn oil?
Have a little dilemma here. I have a request for a dreamsicle cake as one of the tiers on a cake due in August. My problem is that every other dreamsicle cake I have made was made with a cool whip based frosting. So the question is: What kind of frosting would pair nicely with this cake that I can also decorate with, and leave unrefrigerated (for a few hrs).I have tried pairing it with the cool whip frosting as a filling and frosting with buttercream, but after I left...
Hi! How about gelatin feathers? Just add your color gels to the gelatin micture before spreading. The gelatin is so easy to cut with a pair of scissors. I have done one cake with 3 feathers and two of the feathers I dyed with my coloring gels before pouring the mixture and the other I hand painted. For the quill I used a toothpick attached with a little extra gelatin. I hope this helps.
It is made with candy ,melts and I find that it is much easier to work with then fondant or gumpaste. Only problem i have is painting on it. You can paint on it but it you touch it after painting your hand comes away with coloring.
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