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There are plenty of tutorials on the internet... even on youtube...However, its true make sure your background is "clear" or does not distract from your cake.Personally I take my pictures out doors as I think natural lighting is the best for cakes/food. Make sure you take different angles and try to capture the cake/cupcake as the ENTIRE picture... That way you don't have to crop the picture later....I also like to use the "macro" setting on a camera... its usually a...
whoa!Not sure, but I always let my SMBC sit out until it gets to room temperature before I remix it
I love this recipe! I agree that it is super easy to smooth and has a very light texture.My advice is not to overwhip it, because then it has too much air in it and causes "holes" when you frost.I have never had a problem with coloring, it is acutally my preferred buttercream when I want a rich color, as the buttercream I use (SMBC) does NOT color well because of all the Most of my cakes are covered in WBHBC!
Lol, leah! yay "stick cakes"I do the same, but with explanation and me coloring the picture, they end up loving my idea for the cake.I generally do not give my sketches to the client. However, I have also learned the hard way, and will not even start a skecth until I receive a deposit.
I airbrush buttercream all the time and never blow holes in it. Keep the air pressure about 15-18. The only problems ive had has been when i am airbrushing "piped" work, then you should be extra careful.Good luck and make sure to post pictures!
I do this for customers who are picking up their cakes. Otherwise I do as others have said use a huge non skid mat in the back. I've transported a fully assembled four tier buttercream wedding cake for 3hours with absolutely NO DAMAGE to the cake, me on the otherhand was a complete wreck!!!
Aww... awestervelt, you definitely need a break from your figure.There are definitely tutorials out there on how to make figures... would be along the same lines... youtube has an abundance of helpful tutorials. Visuals usually tend to work best for me...Good luck! And don't give up!
I just checked, and I did get it at TJ MAXX for $14.99!All it says underneath is "THL"Good luck finding it!
This is what I do too!
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