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That is hilarious!
After you talk to her about the pricing, just ask her if she is planning to supply the cupcake stand or if she wants to use one of yours. If she wants to use yours, then tell her that you require a $30 deposit (or whatever you want it to be) and that as long as the cupcake stand is returned in good condition, she will get her deposit back. Make sure that you have a contract!!!As for pricing, there are so many prices out there. You should really sit down and make a price...
Thanks! I haven't posted any pictures on here in forever. I did make a dress cookie in February - but it was for a cake competition in March, so I didn't post it in Feb. Hopefully, one of these days I will get around to making a creative cookie for the cookie of the month. =o)
I did actually just read something about that the other day. That there's something in red and yellow food coloring that they don't want you to feed to kids because they think it causes ADHD. I have no idea if it's related to the oils you are ordering. And it's completely dumb if you ask me for your insurance company not to insure you because of oils, but all I can say is good luck!
Just copy and paste the link (if there is a link to it).
Here's the link to your picture! turned out cute!
I think that it looks super cool - but the price is ridiculous. I mean, my dobord was only like $70. And I would use my dobord way more than a cake bite roller. Crazy expensive! Plus, there's something special about handrolled things.
I also just put it on the box.
Just know that if you buy the medium baby shoe set, made by JEM, that they are really super little! Maybe 1 and 1/2 inches by 3/4". If you are looking for life size, get the life size ones, even though the cutters will seem too big. The ones that I bought were WAY too little for a 6" cake. The medium would go well on cupcakes. I can't even imagine how small the small must be. LOL.
Make sure that you take lots of pictures of this cake. And I would take a picture of her beside the cake as well. Just say something like, "I always like to take pictures of my cake with my client" or something if she doesn't want to.
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