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Good call!
Sorry, that is what I meant. So you might be out 1 box in the end, but hopefully it would be full of the cupcakes because the customer bought 6 dozen or whatever. Or you could do what the last poster said. Make it 11 cupcakes and give the 12th free. They were just some thoughts I had to help the OP's business, but not necessarily, have her lose tons of money by giving a huge bulk discount.
You could possibly offer a special. For instance, buy 12 cupcakes, get 1 free.
I have no idea..
Love the tutorial! It looks awesome!
I think you could easily use patchwork cutters too. They have mini ones that would help you out.
Your Tinkerbell sheetcake is super cute! I wouldn't do anything else to it!
They are so cute!
That's why you take a deposit. For people change their mind. You might not be able to get another order that day - so you keep the deposit since you are out money. I hope that you had a contract that said, it's a non-refundable deposit.
It looks to me like some of them are cutters and some are probably handcut. Or she possibly combined two cookie cutters. If you want to know what I mean by that you can go to She will use two cookie cutters to make one cookie. Only in your case, you would just use the two to make the fondant/gumpaste toppers.
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