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Your cupcakes turned out super cute!
That would be cute! You could get the thing the pearl border that stays together and put some pearls on there. And get some molds and pour sugar into the molds and make the gems and then put those on the cupcakes. So cute!
That vanilla bean cheesecake mousse sounds delicious! I'm going to have to try it.
I would say fondant is definitely the way to go if you have never decorated cookies with RI. If you pop the fondant on while the cookie is still warm, the fondant will adhere to the cookie and you don't even have to do anything. If you put the fondant on when the cookie is cold, just put a little vanilla or something on the back of the fondant so that it will stick to the cookie.
Your 3d cookies are amazing!
Your cookies are gorgeous!
Most of the time I use a crisco/butter frosting. The frosting needs the crisco to hold up and the butter makes it taste better. But everyone is different. My hubby doesn't like frosting...and I don't really eat cake. It all works out. =o)
Thanks everyone! I used to be a WMI as well. I was just going to have them come with the cookies already baked and provide a list of things for them to bring. I thought about doing the friday two hour class and then a saturday morning 2 hour class so that they can bake them - but since it's not a bouquet class, I thought it would be ok to provide them with a recipe and have them bake the cookies at home. I think it's more of a girls night out type of thing. Thanks for your...
If someone wanted you to go to their house and teach a group of people how to decorate cookies, how much would you charge for each person? It would probably be a 2-3 hour class. (Fondant or RI cookies).Thanks!
Super cool! Congrats! Don't forget to post a pic!
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