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Those liners are great!
There is an amazing chocolate frosting recipe on here. I can't stop eating it (after I'm done making the cake).
Btw, there are 4 boxes included in that price. That makes them about .74 cents each before the shipping fee. I found them somewhere else, but they are even more expensive. I'll post that link for you too. this is what you're looking for!
Do you mean like a cupcake box? Something like this?
Drop her like she's a hot potato! (I'm 39 weeks pregnant myself here and hormonal, etc. Now granted I've been married for 5 years, so I'm not involved in extra stress issues). So I'm sure that she is quick to go a little crazy being pregnant and a bride. But as someone said earlier, the tasting is to see if the bride and groom like your baking, not every single recipe. Obviously, no one is going to like every single flavor that you make. I think you should offer to make...
Love NashvilleWraps!
I haven't seen it anywhere yet. But I'm sure it will get here soon. CakesHeavens - thanks for letting us know about the cupcakes that you tried.
Let us know if you think it's worth it!
Raise your price for 3d cakes. LeahS hates making TT cakes. So she charges out the ying yang for them. If someone wants one, she'll make it, because it's worth it for her to make it at a higher price.
I know this isn't really the type of packaging that you are looking for - but I thought I would send it to you anyway because it's cute and you might find yourself giving them away for Christmas or something., good luck finding the right packaging!
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