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It turned out great! Congrats!
I tried to join, but when I hit submit it brought up an error. (sorry if this has already been talked about in this thread. no time to read it all because my baby is crying). gotta run
Glad you're ok. What event was the cake for? (Bday, engagement, work, etc?)
Wow! Those figurines are awesome!!
I didn't think about the humidity! But that makes sense! And I totally understand where you're coming from, wanting a little weekend time to yourself. I have a high maintenance soon to be 4 year old as well. LOL. And so I'm always wanting a little time to myself. Never seems to happen though. Too much to do!
Thanks for the extra info Sammie! I have been wanting to take it for a while now, but this just makes me want to take it more. (I think I'll wait a little longer though, because my daughter is 2 months old today). And she can't spend an entire day without me yet. (A few hours day, a few hours for the class, a few hours back). I wish I lived there!
Actually, I keep hoping that Kathy will have another cake competition there. Does anyone know if she is planning another one?
I have been wanting to take the sugar class there, so thanks for sharing! I have never taken any classes there before, but I've been to the store a few times. (I live a few hours away).
Did you all ever find out if Sugar shack has a cream cheese version of her buttercream? I'm also looking for one.
I'm glad I found this thread! I bought one last week and then I thought, "oh no, it won't have the frosting mixed in". But then I was thinking that I could just inject it into the center. So it turns out that you guys have similar ideas.
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