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What happened? I bet that it wasn't a pleasant conversation, but it was their fault for cancelling.
Are you talking about something to show the flavors inside the store? Or outside on the sidewalk?
I also agree that this is the best way to go!
looks like we are going to have to sit down and wait for her to get back to us!
Yes, I'm wondering how it went too!
I also have and love the Makins extruder! I've had it for years!
Hi everyone!My son wants me to make a 3d stegosaurus with a moving tail. I'm not worried about the 3d stegosaurus. That can be done. I'm worried about how to make it's tail move! I have no idea how to make that happen. Any thoughts? Doug? Can you help me? Thanks!
What channel is "Cake Walk" on? I saw it listed on the side of the article. It said it's on tonight at 9 ET. But it didn't say what channel. Anyone know? Thanks!
you should definitely sell pumpkin rolls and cookie trays for the holidays. they are an easy sell!
thanks for letting us know. i'm putting it on my cake calendar!
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