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i just saw this phrase on pinterest. "I mustache you a question, will you be my valentine?" Then you could have a mustache cookie.
cute cookies! the only thing that i can think, is that you would put the colored dough in separate pastry bags and then put all the colors in one big pastry bag. then pipe them out. kind of how you pipe out two different colors of frosting at once. hope this helps.
If she kept the cake in the car all day, then you didn't need to refund the money. But once you decided to refund the money, and told her that you were going to refund the money, then you need to do that. Because now that your husband stepped in and said she can't have the money, she's angry.   Sorry that this happened to you. Maybe you should verbally tell them to keep the cake refrigerated, even though you have a sticker on the cake that says "keep refrigerated".
Thanks! That is great to know! I will try that!
Is there a new link to the gluten free recipes? I am in need of a carrot cake gluten free recipe or an apple gluten free recipe. Anyone have a great one that would love to share? Thanks!
I use their red velvet mix for my red velvet bars. Haven't noticed any difference. Hope that helps!
totally with you! I really miss the food network cake challenges!
I read on someone's web page, somewhere, that this cakery offers 10% off, if you book your order 1 month in advance. Perhaps that could help solve your problem!
Did anything ever happen with this? Did the law get clarified?
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