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I'm with k8memphis! i think a 6,9,12 would look the best.
Thanks BatterUpCake! We will be moving to the DC area, probably 30 minutes to an hour out. But I thought now is the time to figure out the cottage law in different towns and such before we move. Thanks!
Does anyone have any new news regarding the Cottage Food Laws in Virgina? We are moving there soon and I am looking for any and all information that I can find. Thanks!
So did you ever open your store? I always go to Mrs. B's when I'm in town. If so, I would like to come to your store. Thanks!
my MIL ordered my dobord from armchair world for Christmas a few years ago. I love it. But i believe they are back ordered or something like that. But armchair world was great.
Good to know! Thanks for sharing rhe cornstarch tip!
Great thread for vanilla beans and paste. Thanks for sharing. The last time I bought them, I think it was 2/$10 or something crazy. But yet vanilla beans are amazing!
Here's the dinosaur cake that I made. I only carved the back. The head, tail, and legs are rkt that I sculpted. This cake was about three feet long and 2 feet high. If you have more questions, let me know. The eyes also lit up and there was a recorder in the rock that had the dinosaurs voice on it from the cartoon.
I always squirt a little bit of pink Americolor gel into my strawberry cake to make it pink!
I also love brpboxshop!
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