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No, not allergic, just not a big fan of any kind of nuts.
I tried the WASC recipe today(w/o the almond). It was delicious and DH thought so too. I tried a scratch cake recipe from cc and found it to be a little too vanilla-ie.I am going to try Raquel's recipe with the sugar cookie next!
Thanks for all your help! I am definately going to try the WASC cake and raquel1's recipe too!
Can u sub out the sour cream in the WASC cake? I like sour cream for pierogies but not so sure about cake.
What is "crusting" bc and in what situations would I use it?
Can anyone explain the taste difference between BC, SMBC, & IMBC?
I know u can use a paper towel to smooth bc. Is it wet or dry? What is the technique?
I actually saw cupcakes with twix bars, milkyway bars ect baked into them. If u r interested I could try and find the link.
Hi folks! I am totally new to this except for making a few boxed cakes. I am planning on making two cakes for my twin girls' 5th birthday party, probably one choc and one white. We are using the guitar pan from Wilton. I see so many recipes, where would be a good place to start? I would also like to make frosting. I am going to use fondant accents, I don't like the taste enough to cover the whole cake. Please help!! Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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