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You can make them without frosting look at this clip.  She is the maker of cake roller which is on sale for $99   Also, check out her other blog post some cute stuff.
I prefer the crumbs way as I tell me husband I don't like cupcake on stick.  You can do more the crumb way and a lot more variety.  It will just depend kinda like some people really like a cake using a cake mix (nothing wrong with that) then those who like a bake scratch cake.  My husband use to like cake mix but I stopped and went completely scratch now after eating that way for awhile he can tell the difference in cakes.
Have you contacted the company, I am sure they can answer your question  
Great advice by everyone, do not burn yourself out - the stress is not worth it.  If you just keep running you are going to crash and then what will happen.  You need to sit down and talk to your husband and talk figure out what is going to work for the whole family.  I wish you all the best
this site will help, looks like she starts at $50
Let us know how it turns out for you
Cute idea
Like Jason find out what is in your area.You can do a free tasting with only two flavors, then offer different types 4 flavors $20 (will be deducted off cake if order is placed within 6 months and is non-refundable if they cancel order)Also like Jason set the limit on how many people (two-three the bride does not 10 people she is the one getting the cake) as mention by other no kids a few people had a hard to time due the kids running around and nothing go done except your...
Make lemon bars or you can do this until you needEgg Yolks: To inhibit yolks from getting lumpy during storage, stir in a 1/2-teaspoon salt per 1-cup of egg or yolks. If using for desserts, use 1-tablespoon sugar or corn syrup per 1-cup yolks or whole eggs. Label the container with the date and the number of egg yolks. Use up extra egg yolks in recipes like sauces, custards, ice cream, yellow cakes, mayonnaise, scrambled eggs, and cooked puddings. Egg Whites: Raw egg...
Thanks Jason, Here is a question someone asked maybe you can answer: Class B is if you are selling goods wholesale and Class A is not selling wholesale and does not require a permit. Is this correct.
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